"Mr. Sakolsky provides gleeful music and sound effects."
- NY Times review of An Italian Straw Hat

"Ira Sakolsky's hilarious pastiche score adds a sizable dimension to the production."
- Variety Magazine review of An Italian Straw Hat

"Ira's sonic accompaniment adds a rich layer to the show."
- L.A. Times review of An Italian Straw Hat

“Ogden Nash, the 20th Century's acknowledged master of light verse, wrote this Christmas poem for his oldest grandson and granddaughter, Nick and Nell. A consummate family man, Nash also had a tremendous affection for the fest of Christmas. The Christmas That Almost Wasn't was his own personal favorite and he would have been thrilled by the imagination, talent and innovation that have brought it to the public in this Grammy-Nominated CD from Ira Sakolsky, Will Rhys and the National Theatre of the Deaf!”
- Linell Nash Smith (Ogden Nash's daughter)

"Thanks for the advance listen to the CD. I've played it three times now--each time moved and amazed by the women's words, their voices, and the fantastic and creative way that Ira Sakolsky edited the works. The CD captures the stick-in-the-throat and heartachingly, moving experience the live show was. Simultaneously, it gives listeners a sharpened, honed, more cut to the chase experience. Ira got it just right…”
- Critically acclaimed author Wally Lamb (Two-time #1 New York Times Bestseller) reviewing the One Vision-Many Voices CD, featuring the incarcerated women of York Correctional Institute.

Troubadour’s Tales (Parent’s Choice Approved Award Winner) is the perfect gift for parents looking for stories to read aloud to their children. The bonus is the CD, so the child can hear the stories again and again, captivated by the narrator’s voice.
- Arnie Warren, CBS Broadcaster and Author (The Great Connection, Find Your Passion, Devon)

“I always have a great time working with really set up a great environment for creativity.... Great job on the song!!! It really sounds terrific....Your mix is clean and punchy. You rule, baby!”
- Roy Schryver, Songwriter (Upcoming “Collaborations” CD with Grammy-Winning and national recording artists)

“The CD sounds amazing….what a terrific job you did. People are already enjoying the disks”.
- David Rau (Florence Griswold Museum Director of Education and Outreach) commenting on the recording of Marilyn Nelson’s poems about Venture Smith

“I hope you know how much I have appreciated your time, wisdom, EARS! And energy you have demonstrated during this whole project. My heartfelt thanks to you and the wonderful musicians you procured for my recent session to record the Hospice CD. It was entirely a pleasure to do.
Thanks again for everything!”
- Cyndia Shook, Bereavement Coordinator, Hospice Southeastern, CT

“Ain’t much out there that gets any smoother than ’50s swing. And these four cats do it pretty damn well. There’s a tight version of Louis Prima’s Oh Marie and an upbeat take on the theme from The Godfather. The arrangements are minimal (no overblown ska here) but filling. This disc’s a mere eight tracks long, but there’s enough old-school, pork-pie-hat-wearing, snappy-suit-sportin’ guitar-fronted swing to make you snap your fingers or twirl a dame around the floor until you’re exhausted.”
- New Haven Advocate review of Shiny Lapel’s ZIP! BANG! POW CD PARODY SONGS

"Ira - my family and I were thrilled with the parody song you created for our aunt and uncle's 80th birthday celebration. It was wonderful to present them with a one-of-a-kind personal gift that was both sentimental and fun! Your ability to capture the essence of their lives and then transform it into a masterpiece is remarkable. Thank you for producing a gift of our hearts from your heart and talent."
- Linda Sacha, author of The Birthday Princess Handbook

“I am the recipient of your latest cd that you made for my sister, Mary Jordan. I have to tell you what a quality job you did with Neil Diamond's “Sweet Caroline.” Also, you captured that big hairdo of mine on the front of the cd. Your talents have brought many laughs to our “crazy” family. We all have said that you can't retire for another six years - there are more to come.”
- Eileen Jones


"Thank you for an outstanding evening of comedy. The show was perfection. Your routines were superb - a perfect blend of clever banter and intelligent humor. I think you all did an amazing job in making the audience feel comfortable right away and offered ways to participate that were right on the money. We look forward to working with your talented cast again in the future."
- David Rau and Molly Clark, The Florence Griswold Museum, Old Lyme, CT

"I have been to four C.O.D. shows and they have gotten funnier each time. Thank COD for comedy!"
- Lee "The Fatman" Elci, Host of 104.7 FM "The Wolf" Morning Show

"C.O.D. really drew the audience in and made me want to volunteer to get up onstage and join the fun. The show was well written and engaging - plus it was really funny!"
- S.J. Williams, Film Director

"We had such a wonderful time! Everyone enjoyed an evening of pure joy, entertainment, and rollicking fun! Thank you so much for providing relief for the winter blahs and putting smiles on our faces. Bravo! Bravo!"
- Kris Derrico and Hans Lohse, Owners, Lifespace Architecture, Chester, CT


“With admirably little sacrifice of clarity or momentum, three actors of great stamina and flexibility (Ira Sakolsky, Ms. Scarl and Brian K. Jennings) give oral translations of the other performers' signing while playing roles themselves (or, in Mr. Sakolsky's case, providing music and sound effects).”
- Ben Brantley, NY Times review of An Italian Straw Hat

“Shlomo, who has ‘been infatuated two or three hundred times'’ but never in love - before Bertha, that is - is a most likeable character, and he is most likeably played by Ira Sakolsky. The scenes between Shlomo and Bertha have pulse and charm. When Shlomo's relationship with Fanny, a seamstress, is ultimately resolved, it has real feeling.”
- Alvin Klein, NY Times review of Second Ave. Rag

“Excellent work last night. I've known you as a gifted musician. I was unaware of your obvious gifts as an actor. I was moved and totally engaged. Bravo!”
- Casey Carle, Bubble Artist and Consultant to Cirque du Soleils’ The Beatles LOVE commenting on TwoMenOneManShow

“Just to let you know if in the future for here or elsewhere if you ever need cover for THE OLD ACTOR, an incredible actor and kind fellow by the name of Ira Sakolsky did the role for me a while back and would deliver very much and MORE….trust me, Ira is a great name to keep in your casting files for the role!!
- Joe Brancato, Artistic Director, Penguin Repertory Company

“Thank you for the beautiful performance and work. You are such a gifted artist and we are lucky to have your talent and heart in our community. Thank you again for making Main Street Theater’s first production a success!”
- Jeanie Rapp, Artistic Director, The Main Street Theatre, regarding performance of Mere Mortals


"I found the creating work to be the right tool for my life and Ira Sakolsky to be the finest teacher I ever worked with."
- James Kiberd, actor ("All My Children"), artist (represented by MB Modern Gallery, NYC) & humanitarian (National Ambassador to UNICEF)

"I find myself using techniques from the creating class daily in my work & my life. Ira is a gifted teacher of creating."
- Thomas Edward West, director & author of Off The Wall At Sardi's

“Thank you for being an incredible director, teacher and friend.”
– Kristine Richards, actress

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